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      Norman L. Johnson
        Alumni Distinguished Professor Emeritus


        B.Sc. (1936), B.Sc. (1937), M.Sc. (1938), Ph.D. (1948), D.Sc. (1963), University College, London.


        University College, London (1938-39, 1945-62); London Ordnance Board (1939-45); UNC-Chapel Hill (1962- )

      Honors and Awards

        Fellow, Institute of Actuaries (London); Fellow, ASA; Shewhart Medal, American Society for Quality Control; Wilks Award, American Statistical Association.

      Research Interests

        Johnson's major interests are in distribution theory and applications of statistical methods in industrial experimentation, quality assurance and actuarial investigations.

      Selected Publications

        Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences (with S. Kotz and C.B. Read), 10 vols., (1982-89), Wiley, New York.

        Process Capability Indices (with S. Kotz), Chapman and Hall, London (1993).

        Univariate Discrete Distributions (with S. Kotz and A.W. Kemp), Wiley, New York (1993).

        Continuous Univariate Distributions (with S. Kotz and N. Balakrishnan), Wiley, New York (1994-5).

        The ASA Continuing Education Distinguished Lecture Series featured the videotape "An Interview with Norman L. Johnson" at the 1995 Joint Statistical Meetings held in Orlando in August 1995.

        Multivariate Discrete Distributions (with S. Kotz), Wiley, New York (1997).

        Leading Personalities in Statistical Sciences (from the Seventeenth Century to the Present), (with S. Kotz), Wiley, New York (1997).

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