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SAS Institute
919 677-8000,

        Robert N. Rodriguez
          Adjunct Professor


          B.Sc. (1972), Case Institute of Technology; M.S. (1976), Ph.D. (1977), UNC-Chapel Hill.


          General Motors Research Laboratories (1977-1983); SAS Institute (1983-); UNC-Chapel Hill (1986-).

        Research Interests

          At SAS Institute, Rodriguez is head of software research and development groups in the areas of linear models and statistical quality improvement. His own interests include real-time process control, statistical process control, statistical graphics, quality improvement, and distribution theory and modeling.

        Selected Publications

          Statistical effects of imperfect inspection sampling: IV. Modified Dorfman screening procedures (with N.L. Johnson and S. Kotz), Journal of Quality Technology, 22 (1990), 128-138.

          New developments in process capability analysis. Journal of Quality Technology, 24 (1992), 176-187.

          Computation of Owen's Q function applied to process capability analysis (with G.H. Guirguis), Journal of Quality Technology, 24 (1992), 236-246.

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