Instructor: Harry Hurd

The course is currently being taught by Dr. Harry Hurd. Please click


for Dr. Hurd's own data sets and MATLAB scripts.

The following materials are those used when the course was last taught, as Statistics 133 in Spring 1999. The course was formerly entitled Time Series (not Multivariate Analysis). However, the version of the course taught in Spring 1999 included some Multivariate Analysis, and this is reflected in the following.

The following files are available:

Time Series Notes

pdf version Multivariate Analysis Notes

pdf version Click on Data for time series data sets, with descriptions.

Click on Comp for the additional data sets assigned in the Computing assigment.

Click on Progs for the SPlus programs used to create the pictures in Chapter 6 of the time series notes.

Click on Mult for data and programs in the Multivariate Analysis section of the course.

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