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        Pranab K. Sen
          Professor, and Cary C. Boshamer
          Professor of Biostatistics


          B.Sc. (1955), M.Sc. (1957), Ph.D. (1962), Calcutta University.

        Honors and Awards

          Fellow, IMS; Fellow ASA; Member, ISI

        Faculty Positions

          Calcutta University (1961-64); University of California, Berkeley (1964-65); UNC- Chapel Hill (Biostatistics), (1965-).

        Research Interests

          Sen has research interests in three areas. His theoretical and methodological research interests are in: Nonparametrics with special emphasis on multivariate nonparametric methods and sequential nonparametrics; robustness of statistical procedures in linear models; sequential estimation; decision theoretic problems in statistical inference. survival analysis; asymptotic methods.

          His application-oriented research interests include: Statistical bioassays, longitudinal studies and growth curve models; clinical trials and time-sequential analysis; resampling methods with special emphasis on jackknifing and bootstrapping.

          His interests in purely applied research include statistical considerations in arteriosclerosis problems, molecular genetics, genotoxicity and bioenvironmental statistics.

        Selected Publications

          A matrix-valued counting process with first-order interactive intensities (with A.C. Pedrosode Lima), Annals of Applied Probability, 7,(1997), 494-507.

          Statistics and qualify of life: Third world perspectives, Journal of Applied Statistical Sciences, 4, (1996), 233-252.

          Perspectives in multivariate nonparametrics: Conditional functionals and the ANOCOVA model, Sankhya, A55 (1993), 516-532.

          Regression rank scores estimation in ANOCOVA, Annals of Statistics 24 (1996), 1486-1501.

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